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Kathleen Phalen Tomaselli is ...

Award-winning journalist and photographer still believes in a free press, Ethical Journalism and social justice.


I have  hitchhiked across three states, covered death penalty trials, investigated the Aryan nations, trekked west indian rain forests, braved hurricanes in Hawaii and southern mexico.

I love, without condition, my daughters, husband, grandchildren and family. 


rescued loads of homeless animals (dogs, cats, a pigeon, several mice, a  deer and a fawn, frogs, spiders, snakes and Turtles), shared 6 a.m. breakfasts with a 17-and-a-half hands irish hunter, covered more fires than most staff reporters see in any given week (earning the eerie comments, 'There will be a fire, you're working.') And for the first time, shot photos in the paddock and on the Saratoga Race track, For the 2017 travers stakes. (A real thrill!)

I see the heart on the other side of My lens, trying to capture that split second moment that betrays truth. I shot images of stars and blues harp guys, of grief, of joy, of protest and anger and secreted love.

As a side note, In the past year, I've won Two New York News Publishers' Association Awards of Excellence, three New York Associated Press Newspapers Association awards; In 2016 I was awarded a year-long John Jay H.F. Guggenheim Reporting Fellowship; I have published two books;  have been interviewed on NPR many times and have a master of Arts in Journalism from American university.

over the years, So many people have graciously let me into their lives to tell their story in words and images.

Do you have a story you would like me to tell?  

 Please Contact me ...


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